Tests over Water

In May 2017, we finally accepted the invitation to Nobreakspace in Lübeck. It was our goal to combine our forces with the local nerds and test our drone under controlled (but realistic) circumstances over the Bay of Lübeck.


English translation available

Thanks to the voluntary efforts of interested nerds, this website is now also available in an English translation.


Press Release

Hamburg, 28.12.2016 – A model aircraft to safe lives Activists and hackers join forces to search and rescue refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. Computer-controlled model aircraft equipped with video cameras and an app are supposed to improve the coordination of rescue missions and to detect refugees in distress at sea more quickly. Sea-Watch and the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) support the Searchwing initiative. “If we don’t find them, they will die.


Public Mailing List Announced

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Searchwing at the 33c3

We are giving a talk at the 33rd Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg. The talk will take place on Day 2 (30.12.16) in Hall G at 17:15. The project will be presented for the first time to a broader public, and we hope to receive valuable feedback.